Greece V US


During the 2017 Spring break I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Greece with my Latin class. During our visit we traveled to the city of Athens, Olympia, and Delphi.  The trip lasted a week long, and I must say it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my life. I think it is an amazing place to visit however I wouldn’t exactly want to immigrate to.

Well in advance of the trip our chaperones informed us that Greece’s economy wasn’t doing well at all. We were told that we had to watch out for pick pockets. So already I knew that Greece was going to be completely different than America.

So after an eight hour flight to Germany, a two hour lay over and a three hour flight to Greece, I finally saw how the US and Greece are two very different places. As we drove throughout Athens I noticed that lots of the buildings seemed not to be in the best condition. In addition most of the cars in the city seemed old. It was very rare that I saw a nice car, and when I did see a nice car nine times out of ten it was a Mercedes Benz. I found this very interesting considering that in America there are nice cars everywhere.

For the first couple of days on the trip we resided in Athens and visited lots of places including the  Parliament and Acropolis. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the building however we did have a long conversation about it. We talked a lot about how the Government operated and how it ran Greece.

During my first couple of days their, I was overwhelmed by people trying to promote there restaurant, and beggars trying to get a couple euros. It was very different from what I am used to in the US. The one thing that I loved and miss about Greece is the food. There was all different types of food in Greece and I have to say it was all amazing. The restaurant layout however was different than America. Instead of being spaced out like American restaurants, they were clustered into one block.

Another difference that I wasn’t used to was how cheap everything was compared to the US. The Euro is only 93 cents to the dollar as it is. As I would look through the gift stores I would see t shirts being sold for 5 Euros, ring being sold for  3 Euros, and necklaces for 1 Euro. As we traveled to Olympia and Delphi I noticed that the prices in those gift stores were the same as well.


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