Greece V US


During the 2017 Spring break I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Greece with my Latin class. During our visit we traveled to the city of Athens, Olympia, and Delphi.  The trip lasted a week long, and I must say it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my life. I think it is an amazing place to visit however I wouldn’t exactly want to immigrate to.

Well in advance of the trip our chaperones informed us that Greece’s economy wasn’t doing well at all. We were told that we had to watch out for pick pockets. So already I knew that Greece was going to be completely different than America.

So after an eight hour flight to Germany, a two hour lay over and a three hour flight to Greece, I finally saw how the US and Greece are two very different places. As we drove throughout Athens I noticed that lots of the buildings seemed not to be in the best condition. In addition most of the cars in the city seemed old. It was very rare that I saw a nice car, and when I did see a nice car nine times out of ten it was a Mercedes Benz. I found this very interesting considering that in America there are nice cars everywhere.

For the first couple of days on the trip we resided in Athens and visited lots of places including the  Parliament and Acropolis. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the building however we did have a long conversation about it. We talked a lot about how the Government operated and how it ran Greece.

During my first couple of days their, I was overwhelmed by people trying to promote there restaurant, and beggars trying to get a couple euros. It was very different from what I am used to in the US. The one thing that I loved and miss about Greece is the food. There was all different types of food in Greece and I have to say it was all amazing. The restaurant layout however was different than America. Instead of being spaced out like American restaurants, they were clustered into one block.

Another difference that I wasn’t used to was how cheap everything was compared to the US. The Euro is only 93 cents to the dollar as it is. As I would look through the gift stores I would see t shirts being sold for 5 Euros, ring being sold for  3 Euros, and necklaces for 1 Euro. As we traveled to Olympia and Delphi I noticed that the prices in those gift stores were the same as well.


Coming to America!!!

Before our class got into the immigration unit, my understanding on immigration was fairly vague compared to how it is now. I believe the reason for my minimal prior knowledge is because I’ve never had to experience immigration therefore I didn’t have to worry about it on a personal level. I was born at Mercy Hospital right here in Baltimore Maryland, and unless I was going on vacation I’ve never left the country before.

At the beginning of the immigration unit our class watched the 50 min version of the documentary I Learn America. I recommend this film to anyone who is looking to broaden their knowledge on the idea, and effects of immigration. One of the aspects that I wasn’t fully aware of was some of the journeys the kids went through to get to the United States. For instance Brandon, the kid from Guatemala spoke about how he along with other refugees would travel for days on foot without rest. If I remember correctly he began his journey in early December and he didn’t reach the United States until Christmas.

While we were watching the film I found it very admirable how Sandra the Polish girl felt that she could be herself in America. She had grown up being expected to follow the stereotype of a girl. Once she got to America she decided that she wasn’t going to follow those stereotypes. However she didn’t want to follow that stereotype l Anyone’s who’s seen the film would say that no moment solidified her Journey like when she won Prom Queen.\

Another thing that people have to keep in mind when they talk about immigration is the difficulty of learning a new language. Unfortunately this depends on your age when you immigrate to a different country. If you have someone who immigrates to a country when they are 2 years old they are going to have a much easier time learning a new language rather than a someone who immigrated when they were 17. One example of this was Sing, the Qing student from the movie that had moved to many places and he said that learned something like six languages.

Another downside to immigrating at a later age in the United States is that if you’re 18 or older then you’re considered an adult. In the case of Sing, he didn’t have the essential American education, despite the fact that he was obviously very smart. Sing was also 19 years old, and in the film he got in a fight. Luckily he didn’t actually hit the kid because if he did, Sing could have went to jail.

I still can’t imagine what going through immigration must like. One can’t think of truly relate to immigrants in this way until you have experienced immigration. I still praise anyone who has immigrated to a new land in order to find better life.